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The Dead Space 2 team wanted to try and inject more of an epic/action feel into the franchise in order to compete with the likes of Gears of War. To achieve this a portion of the animation team was segmented off to focus in on epic moments in the game. As a response to our intense crunching on DS1 the DS2 production sought to provide us with more time to develop our sequences with the idea of creating less content but at a higher quality. Not very often do you get that opportunity in the professional world!

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This is an animation breakdown of the previous shot illustrating the development process I use for delivering an animation.

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Another "epic" moment in Dead Space 2. Neal Thibodeaux, Primo Navidad and myself had about 2 months to pull off a 3 part sequence for our E3 demo. My part here, was the conclusion and segue into Chapter 6 of the game.


(21 mb)

The introduction to the final boss of Dead Space. I had 3 weeks to pull off what was originally prevised as a 10 second long intro. As I started animated we discovered that there would be no way to hit all of the story points needed in 10 seconds and so this intro blossomed into a massive 49 seconds.




More to come...