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Dantes Inferno: [Roar attack]
This animation was originaly suppose to be a taunt that played intermittently while you wailed on him as Dante. The vfx team had a crack at adding some fire to his roar however and it was decided this would make a nice fire breathing attack instead.


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Dantes Inferno: [Pound and stomp attacks]
2 of tanks attacks available to the player when they take control of him.

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Dantes Inferno: [Run cycle]

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Dantes Inferno: [Archdemon Standard attack]

(6.1 mb)
Dantes Inferno: [Archdemon parry attack]

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Dantes Inferno: [Archdemon getup]

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Dantes Inferno: [Archdemon melee vortex attack]

(2.1 mb)
Dantes Inferno: [Archdemon wingrip]

(1.9 mb)
Dantes Inferno: [Unbaptised child animation cycle demo]

(0.6 mb)
Dantes Inferno: [Unbaptised child run cycle]

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Dantes Inferno: [Unbaptised child walk cycle]

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Dead Space 2
Waiting for one of DS2's epic moments to be planned out, I got tasked with creating a new set of hit reactions for Isaac. Kind of a fun, fast, and fiery exercise. I had 9 days to create 9 hit reactions. Shhh! 2 of these are cleaned up Mocap, however!

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Dead Space
Most of my work on DS1 was spent creating in-game cinematics. This was one of the few opportunities I had on the project to contribute to actual game play animation; a walk cycle for one of DS's boss characters.


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Dead Space
More game play animation from DS1. This was an animation that played when you got close enough to one of these nasties to wake him(her?) up.

(2.6 mb)

Dead Space
Once the above "awake" animation would finish this ugly sucker would go into an agitated idle animation until you were dumb enough to come yet closer, at which point he/she'd knock your head off.

(2.5 mb)


These animations were actually created for a cinematic teaser for Alcazar Entertainment, but regardless of their ultimate purpose I found they fit best on the game cycle page. The animation shows three different walk cycles that were used, repeated, and offset to form an encroaching crowd of demons.


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The following series of animations were from the canceled Oddworld game: The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot. This animation was one of three idle animations for an enemy soldier, referred to as a Vamp, stretching.

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Fangus: [Idle Animation 02: Itch]

(1.0 mb)
Fangus: [Idle Animation 03: Check gun]

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Fangus: [Alerted Animation]. This animation is triggered by the player coming within eye sight of a Vamp. It is also suppose to be pared with a shout which in turn alerts any other nearby enemies of your presence.

(0.8 mb)
Fangus: ["What was that?" Animation]. Before the player is actually noticed by the enemy this animation plays out, indicating that you have come close enough to have caught his attention.

(0.7 mb)
FANGUS: [Examine Animation]. If and when the character being controlled by the player dies this animation is initiated. Vamp prods the players corpse with his rifle to make sure it is in fact dead.

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FANGUS [Walk Cycle]. A generic loopable walk animation, used in the game for a Vamp on the prowl.

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SAHARA: [Zombie Walk Cycle 01]. The following three animations were the final animations I created for Sahara before it was canceled, and thusly didn't get the full polish that I would have liked to see. These are more or less at the blocked stage and as the title are implies are zombie walk cycles!

(0.7 mb)
SAHARA: [Zombie Walk Cycle 02]

(0.4 mb)
SAHARA: [Zombie Walk Cycle 03]