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(0.4 mb)
A render test of Journey to the Center of the Earth's gigantosaurus. This
shot was part of a chase sequence that was split up amongst multiple animators. In order to maintain consistency from one shot to the next
a basic run-cycle was created and supplied to us as a starting point. From
there we hacked and massaged in a performance that would deliver our shot
to completion.

(1.8 mb)
The previous shot in playblast form. This is what our animations look like
within maya before they are handed off to the lighting, vfx, and compositing

(1.6 mb)
This shows the original run-cycle before I touched it, alongside my final
delivered animation.

(2.3 mb)
Another shot out of the chase sequence. The run-cycle we used fell apart
most prominently in close-ups of the dinosaurs feet, which this just happened
to be a shot of. A lot of time was spent massaging dinosaur toes. Than after animation was created the director decided he wanted the dinosaur to run faster through the whole sequence so the entire of performance of this shot had to be rebuilt and retimed to a quicker pace. It's a lot more work than you would expect to simply speed up an animation.

(2.2 mb)
Gigantosaurus smashing through a cave wall. An odd shot, the cave wall
itself was built as a miniature and actually broken apart by a prosthetic arm
simulating the dinosaur. This shot went through 6 variations to get to the
stage you see here, but than after I left the studio a decision was made to change the camera without adjusting the animation... As an animator our work
is usually animated to camera, meaning that if you spin around to a different
view in 3D space the animation often times won't hold up.

(1.2 mb)
One of my favorite shots on the show... but another instance where the
camera was changed after the animation was created. Unfortunately the animatic we were given to work by didn't solve a lot of the problems that should have been addressed on a previs level. In this case 2 shots of the dino squeezing himself through the cave sequence had virtually the same camera angle, and shot length, which meant the final shots looked to similar. A last minute call was made to change the camera's pov... unfortunately without allowing me to adjust the animation to match the new angle.

(1.8 mb)
This was the second shot in the dino cave sequence which prompted the previous shots camera angle to be changed. The similarities between the two shots are quite obvious.

(0.7 mb)
This was supposed to be the reveal shot of the dino, but the director changed his mind about how he wanted to present the dino at the last second and this was cut from the film.

(0.3 mb)
Just the dino's mouth yo. The VFX crew added a blob of drool falling out for the final shot.

(1.2 mb)
Another camera change shot. This one the layout department incorrectly matched the 3D camera to the live action camera, which accounts for the weird slippage of the actor's across the frame in this playblast. In the final shot, you unfortunately see the dinosaur for less than a second of screen time before the camera pans off to follow the kid, so it was more about a short moment of the run cycle rather than the performance I tried to build into it.

(1.3 mb)


The last shot I animated on Journey before I left Montreal. It fell on my plate with just a few days to spare, but was a fun little final joy ride with the gigantosaurus.