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A shot from Stargate SG-1, episode Counterstrike. This was my first real opportunity to try out collisions in Maya. For the shot I modeled all of the solid rocks that you see, keyframed them over a few frames to create an initial velocity for the explosion and than turned on the dynamics. Once the simulation was run, the rocks had to be baked out and than given some custom love to make them feel at home. The dust cloud was created by Craig Can Den Biggelaar.

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Another shot from Counterstrike. After completing the animation for the spaceships, I built a dummy ship and chopped it up into a bazillion pieces, swapped it out with the original ship at the moment of explosion and keyed all of the debris flying off into space. The explosions themselves were simply stock footage applied to cards in 3D space, rendered out, and than given a lot of love by Karen Watson in compositing.

(25 mb)

This is a playblast of the previous shot with a camera pan that I preferred over the final comp, but at the end of the day the client made the call to change it.


(21 mb)

A shot from Atlantis episode; The Hive. I got to storyboard this show, so the shots that I animated I saw through from conceptualization all the way through to the final product.


(26 mb)

Another from The Hive. This shot allowed me to innovate a solution for the onset of a giant space battle. A lot of fun actually. The ships were grouped into formations and animated between individual ship controls and formation controls. The lasers were spawned from emitters attached to the nose of each ship and controlled via various scripts linking the spurts of gun fire to explosions within the opposing fleet.

(1.8 mb)

Atlantis episode The Hive. Another space battle shot. I was responsible for storyboards and the small fighter battle between the two motherships. The mothership and camera animation was created by another animator at Image Engine.


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Stargate SG-1, episode Bounty. Just a simple spaceship shot. I wanted to include this to illustrate the typical Stargate fare we were required to create for any given episode.


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Stargate SG-1, episode Bounty.


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Stargate SG-1, episode Bounty.


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Stargate SG-1, episode Bounty. I was charged with the task of having to simulate a corrugated steel ceiling being smashed through by the SG rings. I created the base model for the ceiling and than a dummy which I cut up and passed off to Brian Harder for a basic rig setup, before it was returned to me for the animation.