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SAM was my final project while at SCAD. It was the by product of 9 months of blood, sweat, revisions, tears, hard lessons and more revisions. I wanted to create something that was more then a student excercise in animation, perhaps even, did I dare hope for it... entertaining? While that was and is still up to the viewer to decide, SAM became me segue out of student life and into a world where artists have to create towards a bigger purpose then a grade.

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With the storyboards and 2D animatic finished it was time to begin proving SAM could make the step into the CG world. By now Raph, Ginka, and myself were all jamming on models and textures to populate Sam's world with, so Joshua took over the riegns on the 3D animatic. Supplied with whatever assets we could feed him, Joshua managed to crank out SAM's new animatic in a 3 day weekend.
It was now time for animation to begin!

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By the time I rewrote SAM and had the new draft pitched to anyone I thought might be able to offer a unique perspective there was only a week left to get the project storyboarded and put together into a new animatic before actual 3D production needed to begin. By now Ginka, Joshua, and Raph were all waiting on me to provide them with content to create. After all, not just my grade was at stake, by now everyone involved had something invested in SAM.

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The original animatic/storyboards for SAM created spring/summer of 2002. I was initialy going for a darker, rather more serious concept but after a few months of conceptualization, early level production, and focus groups with friends and professors, I eventually bit the bullet and decided that it was literaly time to go back to the drawing board, and try another, ultimatly more light hearted aproach with SAM.
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Direction, Writing, Previsualization, Animation, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Visual Effects

Animation, Previsualization

Modeling, Texturing, Visual Effects, Lighting, Compositing
Music, Sound Design, Foley, Stereo & 5.1 Mix
RAPHAEL PHILLIPS - Modeling, Texturing
EVAN MIGA - Texturing
TONY LOTTS - Texturing